“MORPHE” Plastic Surgery

“MORPHE” Plastic  Surgery and Cosmetic Medical Services in Athens


A story about beauty and wellbeing

A story about beauty and well-being that began years ago

In 1988 dynamically make its appearance in Greece, the concept of “cosmetic surgery” So initiated an organized medical aesthetic center, named “MORPHE”. Initiator is the plastic surgeon Spyros Ioannidis, partner of the Royal College of Surgeons and the Secretary of the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.
This original – Greek – idea found a home in a beautiful neoclassical building in 342 Kifissias av.  and with a mark -a cross and a rose- put its bow to beautify our lives. Over the years and wanting to satisfy the desires of the growing numbers of friends who honored us with their trust, we made changes  and started adding new services for problems that could not be solved solely by the plastic surgery.

With new effective and often innovative health and beauty services such as weight loss, skin care and treatment of lesions of the lower limbs, the hair, the hair care, and wellness services, such as lectures on better quality of life, shiatsu and antistress programs , we reached  2001, a landmark year in the history of the new MORPHE.

In its new building at 164 Kifissias av. where we evolve under the continuous, tireless care of Maria Ioannidou, we run the first integrated wellness center in our country. At 6 floors designed and manufactured to specific standards of building, beauty and well-being find their home. We offer what a modern woman/man  needs, so to look and feel beautiful.

In our new site you can now enjoy all services that will soothe your body and soul, and just a few meters away, the modern facilities of LETO hspital, serve the needs of cosmetic surgery. So,
without unnecessary and lengthy journeys to the traffic chaos in Athens, you can treat yourself from the smallest pleasure to the most drastic change in your appearance!

The history and our experience is a stepping stone for a better present and an even brighter uture.   As a small “thank you” to friends, who for years trust us, support us with their love, we created MORPHE Loyalty Club.